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Take control of your life with a powerful combination of innovative workouts, proven nutrition, and a proactive approach to rest. 9 Week Control Freak by Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese gives you everything you need to get truly game-changing results.

This is my follow-up review of the 10 Rounds workout. If you don't know what I am talking about, take a look HERE to get all of the program details!

10 Rounds is our NEWEST program and I'm so excited to share! Boxing is currently THE most popular workout style in gyms across the world, everyone is seeking out boxing classes. I've even done them in a gym! So we created the ultimate boxing program that creates the same experience and RESULTS at home!

Disclaimer: The following information is based on personal experience and research. BE SURE to consult your physician prior to engaging in exercise and/or activities that seem questionable in your pregnant state. We are all different.

There are times that I can remember when I thought that I was doing everything right and I just couldn't make progress... I would become discouraged and just give up. BUT that's never the right answer. There are so many small things that we could be doing incorrectly that impact results. Below you will find some of those sneaky reasons. ...

Pooh Bear


This drink is a nice twist to a lemonade. It has the same great lemonade flavor but the apple juice really cuts the traditional sour bite! Quite refreshing!

So... what is the deal with working out while pregnant? Isn't this my pass to just not do any physical activity? Actually, it should be quite the opposite! There are many benefits to staying or becoming active while pregnant.

Yes! Its almost time! We started our prep week for MM100 this week! Our challenge starts August 5th... so there is still time! If you're interested, PLEASE challenge yourself! Visit my FORMS link and I will get back to you ASAP with information!

I am currently in several mom-to-be and mom groups on social media. The question of "how far along am I??" comes up quite often. So I created an easy to read info graph to discipher this mystery... along with some fun Fact or Myth.

Stiletto Mama


Today's non-alcoholic beverage is the Stilletto Mama. I found this beverage to be quite enjoyable! It was refreshing, fizzy, and perfect for a warm summer day!

Here are just a few travel tips for the pregnant mamas out there! I learned several of these the hard way during my trip home from Indiana and I am here to save you the trouble!

This is a simple vegan side dish that offers a delicious sweet and spicy flavor. It's perfect for a meal at home or you can multiply the recipe and take it to a BBQ!

I recently listened to a podcast that really resonated with me. Particularly one phrase in general... "If your want is strong enough, your how will reveal itself." Wow.

Jericho McMatthews' Morning Meltdown 100 is designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat and tone your whole body in just 20-30 minutes a day! (Yes please!) This program includes 100 unique workouts!