How to Achieve Our Goals


I recently listened to a podcast that really resonated with me. Particularly one phrase in general... "If your want is strong enough, your how will reveal itself." Wow. 

That really got me thinking... all of the times that I have really wanted something or set a goal, I made it happen when my want was big. I didn't let my excuses stop me. I didn't talk myself out of it... for those of you that don't know me, that's MY talent. 

I think that a lot of us don't hold ourselves accountable... or we let that one workout slide but then there goes another and two more. I know that in the past I have personally struggled with my weight and health. I love candy and pizza... but I learned to find balance! These next few points are things that can really help solidify a goal, the path to achieve it, and they need to be exercised regularly. 

And then... YOU can get out there and achieve your goals! No one is going to do it for you!

1. Write your goal down! 

Writing your goal down and visualizing it really helps to make your goal more concrete. Secretly whispering your goal to yourself will not drive home the accountability factor. Let's face it... we've all done it! "Damn, I really want to do ____" and then after charging hard for a month it just dwindles off and becomes yesterday's news. You didn't tell anyone. You didn't write it down. You didn't symbolize your goal with a picture, chart, or calendar. Who's going to know?? And right there... we just pretend it didn't happen. 

The sad part is... a lot of us have the same exact goal repeatedly for years and years because we don't let ourselves reach our goal. We are our own worst enemies. Maybe it's time to be a little REAL with ourselves. 

My goal: reach my pre-baby, Jacksonville weight! (after he's born of course). I felt so good and I wasn't self-conscious... and that was an amazing feeling! 

While this isn't a very detailed goal... details are more  ideal. They give you something to shoot for! 

2. What is your why?

We have to ask ourselves why? Why is this my goal? Why do I want to do this? Because it seems cool? Thats not enough, dig deeper!! Be honest! Why do you really want to do this?? 

My why: I want to achieve this goal so I can be proud of myself. So I will be confident in myself. So I will feel good. I want to do this because making sure my son sees his mom doing healthy things is also a goal of mine. I want to inspire people! Friends, family, strangers... you name it, I want to inspire people to dig deeper! I want to run with my son, I want to be full of energy. I want to easily jump back into meeting the physical demands of my job, I don't want to struggle. 

Ask yourself why! 

3. Ask yourself these questions?

  • What pain will I endure if I don't grow myself to hit my goal?

If you don't meet your goals... what pain will that cause you? This is important because just as a goal and a why give you something to work toward, visualizing the negatives of not hitting your goal gives you something to work away from. 

Mine: I will be upset with myself. I won't have that self-confidence. I will have a harder time meeting demands of work and home life. I won't be a good example to my son. I will have let myself down. 

  • If I don't hit my goal of ________ what will I miss out on?

What could you possibly miss out on? Are you going to miss the trip or opportunity of a lifetime? Are you going to look back and wonder what if?

If I don't hit my goal of reached my pre-baby/Jax healthy, what will I miss out on? I will miss out on feeling confident and fulfilled. I will miss out on feeling energized and having the energy to keep up with my little one. I don't want to be too tired or out of shape to keep up with my son. Thats one of my biggest fears.

I will have a lot harder of a time reaching the fitness standards required for my job. It could lead to a BIGGER struggle to meet that goal later... physical fitness and my health will never be something that I'm not worried about. I can imagine that my self-esteem will hit a low.

  • What challenges will I encounter on my journey to reaching my goal?

Let's be honest... there are roadblocks everywhere! And apparently the more you want something, the more they test you! But good news is... you can just move past them and hit those goals! Don't let them redirect you.

My challenges... snacks, food, time, booze, going out, no sleep... I can think of a million.

Other questions to consider... 

  • What pleasures will you get from reaching your goal? 
  • How much happier will I be? 
  • What good can come from hitting this goal?
  • Is what I am doing, helping me work toward my goal? 

This can be a scary thing to do. You are literally looking at the good, bad, and pretty ugly realisms of achieving your goal. But this can open so many doors! You've confronted the fears of failing on paper and NOW its time to confront them by working towards your goal! 

I am using my fitness business to achieve my goal... it is helping me to eat healthier (I'm not giving up pizza!), it's holding me accountable for my fitness, it gives me a group that offers motivation, and it is helping me to reach others so that I am able to hopefully inspire someone else! Everyday this business is pushing me to be a better me and it is helping me work toward the goal that I shared with you. Everyday isn't pretty but everyday is real. 

NOW get out there and achieve your goals! No one is going to do it for you! You hold the key to your own happiness!