My Review of 10 Rounds


This is my follow-up review of the 10 Rounds workout. If you don't know what I am talking about, take a look HERE to get all of the program details! 

10 Rounds is a workout lead by Beachbody's super trainer Joel Freeman. The workout consists of 6 weeks of workouts that are 10 three-minute rounds. These workouts are a fun combination of strength training, zero-impact cardio boxing, challenging footwork, and, of course, core work! 

My Review: 

I was super pumped to start this new program. I honestly was not super keyed in on my nutrition... should've been. BUT the hubs was making dinner and I was tending to my babe. 

I LOVED the strength days! They are split into lower and upper body days, twice a week. I found the boxing days to be fun but challenging. The workout starts off simple but over the weeks Joel builds on boxing fundamentals. Before you know it, you are pivoting, shuffling, and throwing knock out punches! 

Personally, I am not overly coordinated, which was highlighted in some portions of this program. However, it was fun and even if I was a little behind on what move we were doing, it was a good laugh and it made the workout pass quickly. 

The workouts did not disappoint! I was sweating my face off after each one! The better part is that I felt GREAT after each workout, I felt so good. Even on the days that I would have rather washed dishes than workout (and that's saying something) I never regretted pressing play!

Again, I was not focused on nutrition. My results for this workout were still there, I can only imagine how great they would've been had a focused more in the kitchen. I lost 4.5 lbs and lost a total of 5 inches from my body in 6 weeks. 

I can't say this was my favorite program but I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again in the future! 

If you are interested, leave me a message below! 

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