Morning Meltdown 100 Prep Week


Yes! Its almost time! We started our prep week for MM100 this week! Our challenge starts August 5th... so there is still time! If you're interested, PLEASE challenge yourself! Visit my FORMS link and I will get back to you ASAP with information! 

I hope to see you there

This week we are preparing for our 100 day journeys! Our group is moving through the prep workouts and getting out nutrition plans ready! There are so many great 2B Mindset recipes and I am looking forward to stepping my nutrition game up and trying these! I am sure you may see a couple in the future... 

The energy is so high right now! This is an intense, fat burning, fun workout! This workout is unlike any we have ever done, leave it to Beachbody to outdo themselves! 

If you are ready to challenge yourself... if you want to be part of an incredible community, if you want to inspire or be inspired, if you want accountability... THIS IS FOR YOU! 

If you're interested in growing yourself and giving yourself what you deserve send me your INFO and I can help you get your journey started and I will be there every step of the way. 

If you aren't quite sure and would like more info... please visit this PAGE


Through my experience with the prep workouts... oh man, I LOVE them! 

There were a total of 5 prep workouts this week, I have been working them in as I just finished LIIFT4! (YAY). So here is my personal rundown and opinion of this weeks workouts (keep in mind these are quite similar or contain parts of the actual MM100 workouts so this should be a fairly good indication of what is to come).

  • Cardio Meltdown - this is a total body workout. It was really upbeat and fun. I am not completely coordinated so I'm sure it would have been amusing for others! Despite that, it was a lot of fun and because of that it didn't really feel like a workout and passed really quickly. 
  • Upbeat Strength - This workout was used to tone and work the upper body so... chest, back, arms, and shoulders. I liked it because you essentially perform two moves separately and then put them together for the final superset. It was timed to give you opportunity to get used to the move and it changed things up enough to keep it interesting! 
  • Core Inferno - One word ABS! Okay, I lied... there was some booty work too! I really enjoyed the cycle that Jericho used in this workout! Each move was performed long enough to feel it and get the burn but not to just completely burn you out. The music was pumping and it was just a really fun workout! 
  • Total Body Badass - Get ready to sweat! This workout was high energy! There are plyo moves used to build strength and work on that definition, hello body! This is a high volume workout, so lighter weights are totes your friend here! 
  • Downbeat Strength - This workout! Oh man! If you are working to tone those legs and that booty... this is it! This workout uses set progression which I have come to really like. You will do two workouts separately and then combine them to make a super set. 

Our challenge starts August 5th! So if you're interested in starting your journey, reach out! I want to help you! I believe that we may start another wave of the challenge next month, no promises, but it was being considered! So again, let me know you have questions and I will get you all of the info. I am here for you! 

And heck... if you are just a machine... you can start this challenge anytime you want! You can do it alone, with a friend, with a significant other, or with us! 

Feel free to reach out! Can't wait to hear from you and to be part of your journey to reaching your goals!